Kenrick Vrolijk

Kenrick Vrolijk became interested in makeup and hairstyling at an early age, as his passion grew through his love for fashion and beauty. At the age of 20, he started working in one of Amsterdam’s best hair and beauty salons, Rob Peetoom. Here, he benefited from traditional style training and education. This has proved to be an invaluable experience for his future makeup and hair styling career.


The key to the vision of Kenrick Vrolijk is a concept of hair styling that is all about the natural look of the hair. This allows Kenrick to enhance the individual beauty of every client, creating a haircut fitting the hair type, the face and the character of the client. In an era over-saturated by short-lived trends, Kenrick masterfully strips beauty and hairdressing to its most natural elements, emphasizing beauty in a natural way, creating a connection between personality, face and hair, renewing the image of classical beauty.


In addition to his work for private clients and television programs, Kenrick has rapidly gained significant experience in editorial shoots and fashion shows. Some examples of his work can be found on this website. Depending on the client’s preference, Kenrick is able to create a look with understated elegance or extreme extravagance. Kenrick’s ambition is to always bring out the beauty in people to create a fabulous look.